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Apocrypha Adventure

Apocrypha Adventure


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The Apocrypha Adventure Card Game is the next evolution of the adventure card game system created by Mike Selinker and the team at Lone Shark Games. Apocrypha uses one system to run an adventure card game without a gamemaster and expands to a full roleplaying game when a gamemaster is present. Set on the edge of a modern-day apocalypse, Apocrypha immerses 1-6 players in a battle with the most dangerous entities in the universe.
Designed for 1-6 players ages 14 and up this game takes about 60 minutes to play. With Stories by Matt Forbeck and Patrick Rothfuss
Contains the following components:
584 cards
10 pawns
6 bases
20 dice
30 dividers
1 rulebook
1 story book