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Awkward Turtle

Awkward Turtle


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It's Frank's turn and he's trying his best to get you to guess this word. His teammate and girlfriend chimes in "Water? Liquid? Rain?" Frank just shakes his head no and says sarcastically "No, it's what happens to you when I come home." Your buddy Brad jumps in "Moist!" Frank's girlfriend turns beat red and everyone roars with laughter, including Frank and his girlfriend. One point to Frank's team.
Game play is simple. Each round a player describes words in the deck of cards to their team. The player has 60 seconds to get through as many words as possible, without saying the prohibited words. The first team to 30 points wins the game.
Awkward Turtle features some words that are mild, like "moist". Others can be on the nose embarrassing like "penis." The pace of the game and how raunchy it gets depends partially on your group.