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It’s much more interesting than a telegram. It weighs less than a kilogram. And it’s even more fun than a kissagram!
Introducing…Bananagrams! It’s the cute little word game that comes in its own, banana-shaped bag!
Think of Bananagrams as kind of like Scrabble…but much faster! Inside the banana, you’ll find 144 tiles, each with a letter on it. Each player takes twenty-one tiles, which they place face down on the table in front of them, then someone declares “Split!” and the action begins!
Everyone turns up their tiles and begins to make words all at once. There’s no waiting for turns, no stopping to write down scores – just frenetic fun with words! Rearrange words as often as you like! Just keep taking as many tiles as you can from the bunch until there’s no letters left. The first person to yell “Bananas” is the winner!
If you love words, and winning, you’re going to love Bananagrams. It’s simple, fast-paced and sure to drive you and your friends totally bananas!
Bananagrams features:
Ideal for two players or more. Not recommended for children aged three and under. Recommended for ages seven and over. Contains 144 tiles with letters. Great for all ages – kids and adults alike will become addicted! Presented in a cute, compact banana-shaped bag.  Requires no board to play, so you can take it anywhere you go. Includes simple instructions for play.