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Find 5 - 5er Finden

Find 5 - 5er Finden

Find 5 - 5er Finden



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5 dice, 5 rounds 5ER FINDEN!

Everyone races to find different FIVE shapes on their own boards and outlines them as they find them. But be careful space is limited and every shape must contain all of the rolled symbols! Dont take too long searching! The timer can be flipped at any time to start the end of round countdown. Different FIVE shapes will score you different amounts of points and the player with the most points after 5 rounds wins.


5 dice,

4 markers with erasers,

1 timer,

4 double-sided game boards,

1 double-sided score board/puzzle board,

12 FIVES tiles,

1 rulebook.

NOTE: English instruction is included. Box printis in German only.