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Gooey Louie

Gooey Louie



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This gruesome Gooey Louie Children’s Action Game will have not just the littlies BUT all the family laughing for hours.  It’s true that Gooey Louie is a game where you take turns picking green gooey things out of Louie’s nose.

To play Gooey Louie, each player takes a turn rolling the die to see how many stretch gooeys, eurgh they need to pick out of Louie’s nose, until someone picks the special gooey that will make his eyes pop and his brains fly out.

Gooey Louie is hilarious fun for the whole family! Will you be the one to pick a winner?

Clearly Goliath Games makers of Jumping Jack and Pop the Pig ,“nose” how to have fun, and with Gooey Louie, the company has created another game that has quickly become a favorite pick for kids. In January 2014, other games were blown away by Gooey Louie as it earned the prestigious title of Action Game of the Year at the 2013 British Toy Industry Awards.