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Istanbul Dice

Istanbul Dice


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Welcome to the Bazaar of Istanbul! Are you ready for a trade competition?

If so, you will need to acquire the coveted rubies faster than your competitors! You are not alone: Your assistants will collect goods and money for you. Use your income wisely to invest in improved abilities or save for purchasing rubies! With a little bit of luck and the right strategy you will be victorious and become the Master of the Trade Guild!

Bullet Points

- Part of the award-winning Istanbul series (2014 Kennerspiel des Jahres).
- Created by legendary designer Rüdiger Dorn.
- Fairly short playtime while maintaining a rewarding game experience.
- Highest quality components.
- Gorgeous artwork and graphics by Andreas Resch.


- 1 Game Board
- 42 Goods Markers
- 3 Gold Coins
- 6 Silver Coins
- 27 Copper Coins
- 9 Custom Dice
- 33 Bazaar Cards
- 24 Mosque Tiles
- 31 Rubies
- 12 Crystals
- 4 Action Summary Aids
- 1 Rule Book

Players: 2-4
Ages: 14+
Playing Time: 30 min