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Magic Cauldron - Wunderkessel

Magic Cauldron - Wunderkessel

Magic Cauldron - Wunderkessel



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Hidden, twisted and uncovered!

The players gather their sorcerer's apprentices around the magic cauldron. They need to uncover ingredient tiles with the right symbols and colors to brew their magical potions. The first player to brew the right mixture of magic potions wins the game.


1 magic cauldron (made up of: box base with insert, interlocking cross, false floor, turntable transparent film with symbols and game plan),

1 whirlwind turning figure,

4 sorcerer's apprentices made of wood,

4 player markers,

20 ingredient tiles (toad spawns, toadstools, lion fish bones, witch's worms, and dragon crystals, each in 4 colors),

36 magic potion tiles,

12 magic coins,

1 rulebook.