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PREORDER Franklin and Ghost: Bad Guy Brawl

PREORDER Franklin and Ghost: Bad Guy Brawl

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PREORDER Franklin and Ghost: Bad Guy Brawl



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Date released: 30-12-2022

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Franklin, Ghost and Delilah are coming back at ya in a brand new card game full of chaos, backstabbing, bluffing, and of course... Mayhem.

You and up to 5 friends are helping your favorite heroes take on hordes of bad guys. Every round you'll be fighting off aliens, robots, rednecks and of course some big bads all while competing to see who can take down the most of them. Be careful though if you take on too many you're going down. Call in help from Franklin Ghost and Delilah for special effects and powers!

You are dueling symbiotes trying to rack up the most impressive kill combos without biting off more than they can chew and getting killed. You need to lock in the highest scoring hand you can without busting. Points are scored for pairs of cards and runs at least three cards long. You bust if you draw 3-of-a-kind (they were overwhelmed by a group of the same type of enemy). Gameplay begins with all players being dealt a hand of 3 cards. On your turn you first draw a card from the deck and can then choose to lock your hand in by placing their cards face down on the table. You also have action tokens that let you do all sorts of things to help yourself and trip up the other players.

Its a quick push your luck card game with enough special powers to keep things fresh.