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Strip Poker - Adult Card Game

Strip Poker - Adult Card Game


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This is the classic game first played by Adam and Eve at the garden of Eden.
This version has an extra twist of forfeits. If you  don't want to lose your shirt try a forfeit or maybe on balance its better to lose your shirt.
To start the game you shuffle the PURPLE forfeit cards and place them face down in the centre of the table. You then shuffle the YELLOW playing cards and place them  in a separate pile in the centre of the table .
Work out who starts -i.e. the player who appears to be wearing the most clothing. THE PLAY
Each player in turn, turns over a card from the YELLOW playing card pack.
Once a player had turned over a FACE card the following player has to turn over another FACE card within the following number of goes :
An Ace              1 card
A Jack               2 cards
A Queen           3 cards
A King             4 cards      
If he / she fails they have two options a) Remove a piece of clothing
b) Take a card from the PURPLE forfeits pack and follow instructions.
Once a forfeit card has been used it is placed on a discard pack and cannot be used again.
Once the playing cards have all been turned over, that pack is reshuffled and play starts again.
Play ends when one player loses all their clothing.