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The Walking Dead Risk

The Walking Dead Risk


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Ever wondered how you would cope during a zombie apocalypse?
While we’re guessing that most of you would run screaming and sobbing (with good reason too!), there has to be a leader among you. If you think you’re ready for the challenge of leading apocalypse survivors through hoards of chomping walkers – the zombies, for those not quite in the know – then it’s time to step up to the plate…
It’s time to play The Walking Dead Risk!
Based on the hit graphic novel series turned HBO television drama, this special survival edition of the world-famous board game Risk sees you taking control of one of four groups: the Governor’s, the Greene family’s, Rick’s or the Prisoners’. You are responsible for their fate; you’ll need to grow the influence, population and (very meagre) resources of your group. When the inevitable overrun of walkers occurs, only the group with the most territory will survive.
But the biggest risk may not even be the walkers in the end…
The Walking Dead Risk features:
Official game based on the graphic novel series. Recommended for three to five players, and ages 13 years and up. Approximate 60-minute game play time. A survival edition of the classic game Risk, which sees you leading a group of survivors while trying to take over territory and survive among the undead. Grow the influence, the population and the resources of your group; once the zombies take over, those with the most territory win. Over 360 pieces including event and territory cards, guard tower, ammo and grenade chips, outbreak tracker, and attack and defence dice. Custom board based on the south-west American setting of The Walking Dead.