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Tic Talk

Tic Talk


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In two teams of 2 or 3 players, roll the dice and copy the letters obtained in the boxes of your clue booklet. Then, as fast as possible, write complete words that include the letters that you had rolled, each team has 60 seconds; the time from the hourglass. The teams now exchange word lists with the Clue Givers. The Clue Givers role is to give sufficient clues for their team to properly guess the words, without saying the word indicated. The faster the team is in providing their responses the faster that their opponents must be during their turn. The more words you find, the more points you score!
Players 2-3
Age 10+
Playtime 30mins
2 Sand timers
5 Dice (12 sided with letters)
1 Clue booklet
1 Cloth bag
2 Pencils