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Trivial Pursuit 40th Annniversary

Trivial Pursuit 40th Annniversary


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Trivial Pursuit 40thAnniversary Ruby Edition, Can you remember the biggest moments of the past 40 years? Celebrate the 40thAnniversary of the Trivial Pursuit brand with this premium Ruby Edition of the Trivial Pursuit game. It includes 600 cards with a total of 3,600 questions, and premium packaging and game components. The exclusive Ruby deck alone has 1,200 fun and challenging questions about the past 40 years. 
Celebrate 40 Years of Trivia Fun
Celebrate the biggest moments of the past 40 years! The Trivial Pursuit: 40thAnniversary Ruby Edition game includes 600 cards packed with fun and challenging questions from classic categories including Geography, Entertainment, History, Arts and Literature, Science and Technology, and Sports and Leisure, plus questions from the Ruby deck featuring key questions from the past 40 years. When you answer a category question correctly, you collect a wedge corresponding to that category's color. Be the first player to get a wedge from each of the 6 categories plus the Ruby piece to win the game.
How well do you know what happened in 1979? How about 1984 or 2016? Do you remember which city opened the world's tallest building in 2010, or which emoji face became a "Word of the Year" in 2015?" Do you know who was the first female to appear on a U.S. coin in 1979 or who became the first female in space in 1983? The game includes 3,600 questions, with 1,200 of them featured in the Ruby deck alone. Are you ready to be challenged about topics from the last 40 years -- spanning from 1979 to 2018? Answer a Ruby question correctly and earn the Ruby piece, needed for the win. But be careful! Other players can steal the Ruby piece from you if they move on to answer a Ruby category question correctly as well.
Age: 16+ years
Includes gameboard, 400 Trivial Pursuit cards, 200 "Ruby Deck" Trivial Pursuit cards, 1 die, 6 wedge holders, 36 wedges, 1 Ruby game piece, 1 Silver Card box, 1 Ruby Card box, and instructions.
For 2 to 6 players. 
Celebrate 40 years of the World's Greatest Trivia Game
Lots of challenging and fun trivia questions, 600 cards and 3,600 questions
This anniversary edition features premium packaging and game components
Travel through the decades with exclusive Ruby deck of questions, Includes 1,200 exclusive "Remember When?" questions from 1979-2018
Includes the Ruby piece, Collect all 6 wedges plus the Ruby piece to win
Official Hasbro Product!