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A Song of Ice and Fire TMG - Game Night Kit 1

A Song of Ice and Fire TMG - Game Night Kit 1

A Song of Ice and Fire TMG - Game Night Kit 1



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Game Night Kits provide a full evenings gaming in one box. Theyre filled with exclusive prizes and materials, with support for players, along with some extras for the store and the person that runs the event.

You will also earn points for running a Game Night event!The Starks and the Lannisters have only ever been as civil as required over the years. Now that the War of the Five Kings has broken out, all pretense is gone. The only thing that remains is conflict. The A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game Game Night Kitlets players show their support for their chosen House with exclusive plastic banners they can use during games. The kit also includes an exclusive alternate sculpt for Roose Bolton. This mercenary can work for any House, if theyre willing to pay his price.


Exclusive Roose Bolton Sculpt -The exclusiveRoose Bolton sculpt depicts him from the RedWedding, with knife in hand.

Exclusive Plastic Banners - Thdepicting the sigils of House Lannister andHouse Stark. Players can use these to showcaptured objectives during games.

Stores Earn Points for Running Game NightEvents- Stores will earn points for running GameNight events. The more players that attend, themore points can be earned and traded in forproduct.


5 Exclusive Alternate Sculpt Roose Bolton Plastic Miniatures

5 Roose Bolton Stat Cards

25 Plastic Stark Banners

25 Plastic Lannister Banners

1 Promotional Poster

1 Sticker

1 Welcome Letter