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Genesys RPG Expanded Players Guide

Genesys RPG Expanded Players Guide


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The Expanded Player Guide contains a wealth of knowledge for players eager to equip their characters with interesting new gear, vehicles, and spells as well as Game Masters designing their own settings. This is the first expansion book that is for Genesys as a whole, rather than focusing on a specific setting. This 112-page book features three exciting new example settings, a step-by-step guide that makes creating your own settings easier than ever, new rules for creating your own vehicles, quick rules for creating your own adversaries, and new spells and talents for the Genesys Magic System to further customize your games.

Some of these systems will assist players, others will help Game Masters, and others will be useful for everyone! Basically, the Player's Guide expands on key concepts from the Genesys Core Rulebook, making them easier to implement in your own games.