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My City

My City

My City



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Reiner Knizia has made a legacy game. Yes you read that right!

My City is a competitive legacy game where you develop a city on your own playing board through the ages.

The game consists of 24 episodes, beginning with the the preindustrial stage and progressing through industrialization. During each game, players customize their experience by adding elements to their boards, altering cards, and in some cases even destroying them and removing them from play entirely. Players' choices and action made during one session of gameplay carry over into the next session, creating a personalized gaming experience.

For players who do not want to experience My City as a legacy game, a double-sided game board offers an alternate set-up for repeatable play.

  • Plays with 24 Players
  • In About 45 mins
  • For Ages 10 and above



Grid Coverage

Legacy Game

Tile Placement

Victory Poinsource