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The Resistance Hidden Agenda

The Resistance Hidden Agenda


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Hidden Agenda is an exciting expansion with three new ways to play The Resistance:
The Assassin Module: The resistance commander has infiltrated the ranks of the government and gain access to the spy database. This knowledge can ensure victory for his cause, but he must remain hidden for the spies have assassin waiting to take him and his access away - permanently.
The Defector Module: Not everyone has a clear allegiance, some are content to play both sides of the conflict. You can never trust a defector, sometimes they can't even trust themselves!
The Trapper Module: While the ranks of the resistance have grown, so too has the threat of infiltration. With ultimate success within reach, the resistance deploys sophisticated trapping methods to root out the spies in their midst.
Each of these modules has been designed to add hours of exciting new game play to The Resistance.