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Ticket to Ride India Switzerland Map Expansion

Ticket to Ride India Switzerland Map Expansion


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Energizing the original 'Ticket to Ride' this game allows you to travel by railway throughout India during the time of the British Raj, the year being 1911.
Imagine the beautiful and exotic country side you will see along the way as you travel
through the colourful countryside of India. I can see the amazing colours, smell the spices as I travel from Bombay to Delhi.
'Ticket to ride India' (as with the original) is an easy to learn stategic game to play with tactical decisions at every turn. As you play you will collect various railway cards which you can use to travel the routes along the way. There are additional points for those who can reach the final destination points and the use of 'goal' cards to get you to distant cities. 
Includes: One board map of India with train routes, bonus map of Switzerland, destination tickets and rules for each map.
Age group: 8+ years
Suits 2 - 4 players