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War of the Ring 2nd Edition Warriors of Middle Earth

War of the Ring 2nd Edition Warriors of Middle Earth


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This new expansion will include Ents, Dead Men of Dunharrow, Great Eagles of the Misty Mountains, Corsairs of Umbar, Wild Hilmen from Dunland, and Giant Spiders.
With the new expansion, these warriors and creatures of Middle-earth äóÁí_íÍ previously featured only as special Event Cards äóÁí_íÍ will become an essential part of the game, with unique figures and specific abilities.
Warriors of Middle-earth will also present new mechanics to enhance the game: Faction Dice and Faction Events, uséd together with the new figures, will open up new and exciting strategies and make the War of the Ring Second Edition even more challenging and fun. The expansion is fully illustrated by John Howe, one of the worldÔs foremost Tolkien illustrators, and the main artist of the War of the Ring line.